Doing Right By You, 2018
19x25 cm, 205 pages, soft cover, edition of 500, offset printing.
Words by Michal Meiry, Nitza Cohen Mohr, Andres Gurwicz and Shiraz Grinbaum

Editor: Shiraz Grinbaum
Concept & graphic design: Studio Gimel2
Article: Dr. Sivan Rajuan Shtang

Photos by Yair Meyuhas for

The book features selections from Meiry’s photographic archive, approximately 150 photographs in total. Divided into four sections, these function as separate booklets inside the comprehensive volume. The images in the book present a violent and disturbing relationship between Israeli spaces and queer bodies. Each photographic sequence is accompanied by an intimate conversation, an interview with the subjects portrayed in the photos.
The conversations reflect on the relationships with some of Meiry's ongoing subjects - Their Mother, partner and a close friend. They revolve around the roles created for them in the work.
Using feminist research practices, Meiry wishes to focus on more than the subject's physical appearance and bring the voice of the people involved in the project.
These talks provide a guideline for the photo-editing of the book, and they illuminate the photo-sequences with key concepts relating to the images. The main essay, written by Dr. Sivan Rajuan Shtang, a researcher of visual culture specializing in gender and identity politics, examines the work in the context of international queer photography and the history of local art theory.
The publication of the book was made possible with the support of The Israeli National Lottery Council for the Arts and Asylum Arts.

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