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Yael Meiry is an artist living between Tel Aviv and Hukok.

They combine photography and site-specific installations. Meiry’s work displays bordered Israeli landscapes and a variety of bodies, including their queer body, as a presence marking social, political and cultural disciplining.

Meiry exhibited their work in solo shows in alternative spaces and in several group shows in Israeli museums and galleries including Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Open Museum Of Photography Tel Hai, Indie Photography Gallery, Hansen House and Hamidrasha Gallery.

They also published five photography booklets shown in book fairs including Artport’s Book Fair, Friends with Books: Art Book Fair Berlin, Indie Photo Book Fair, The Hebrew Book Week Fair and shown in festivals such as International Photography Festival, Ladyfest TLV and at the Fun Fun Fest. The booklets are distributed in New-York, Berlin, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

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