For the upcoming Loving Art Making Art event, Roni Doron and I will be opening our shared studio. 

Honord to take part in Dissidents with such a great group of artists. Details in the event.

Doing Right By You, the exhibition will open at Haifa Musum of Art Sat, Dec 21, as part as the cluster Feminism in the Age of Transnationalism.

Doing Right By You will be at Chicao Art Book Fair 2019 with In Print JLM. Nov. 15 - 17, Chicago Athletic Association 12 S Michigan Ave.

Will join GalIa Gur Zeev for for our second open studio as part of the Loving Art Making Art weekend.
November 8 - 9, Haamal 6 Tel Aviv Jaffa. 

My new street installation Annexed Concrete will be launched at the Old Jaffa Museum as part of Triple Night at אתר-atar-أتار. 

Doing Right By You will be at the #4 Istanbul Photobook Festival, September 12-15.

Doing Right By You will be at MOPLA Photo Book Exhibition on April 11 from 6-9pm at House of Lucie at ROW DTLA.

Drywall, On display April 11 - May 10 at Binyamin Gallery.

Book launch for my artist book
Editor: Shiraz Grinbaum
Concept & graphic design: Studio Gimel2
Article: Sivan Rajuan Shtang

The book Doing Right By You includes 180 photos taken throughout 9 years. It reflects on the relationships with some of my ongoing subjects - my Mother, my partner and a close friend, with whom I talk about the roles I have created for them in my work. Using feminist research practices, I try to focus on more than their physical appearance.

The book is published with the support of
Mifal HaPais Foundation
Asylum Arts
And all who supported through Headstart.

January 26, 11:30 - 13:30, Minshar For Art, 18 David Hacmi St. Tel Aviv.

* Pre-ordered copies can be collected during the event.

Will show the new photographic installation Conversely as a part of P=0.5 Curated by Vera Korman.
On display May 28 - July 4 at The Social Gallery, 22 Shivtei Israel, Musrara, Jerusalem.

My works will be shown in the Artists' Greenhouse at Frash Paint Art Fair.
April 26 - 30, Tel Aviv convention center.

Will be joining GalIa Gur Zeev for the pop up exhibition Contact during the Loving Art Making Art weekend.
December 29 - 30, Rival 26 Tel Aviv.

I am Asylum Arts Artist of the Month.
Read about my Rightgendered exhibition.

Photo: Inbar Rothschild

RightgenderedSolo exhibition August 10 2017 through 16 Septemder.

Trapped in a Flatten Fate, due exhibition with Ben Drusinsky.
Opening August 4 20

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